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Innovation Hackathon

Our Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon is a weekend-long hybrid event designed for university students to work collaboratively in cross-discipline teams to create technology-driven solutions for the most pressing humanitarian challenges.

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2022 Program

Our Hackathon is a weekend long hybrid program with industry leading speakers, team bonding, facilitated mentoring, and exciting diversions that mix up the digital and face to face competition. Our Hackathon will fire up your creativity.

Participants are asked to identify practical solutions for real and current problems from an existing international humanitarian response context.

Since our establishment in 2019, The Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon has seen hundreds of students address significant topics including climate change-induced population displacement, educating for the future, aiding island communities and the provision of clean water.


Commences Friday afternoon 22 July 2022. 

It will run over Saturday and Sunday, 23 – 24 July 2022.


$5,000 – 1st Prize RedR Ron Johnston Rapid Response

$3,000 – Hackathon Innovation Runner Up

$1,000 – Laing O’Rourke for Best Presentation

12 – $100 Gift Cards

Humanitarian Innovation Awards Medals

UNSDG Badges

Eligibility Criteria 

To be a participant in the hackathon, you must meet the following criteria:

• National and international university students domiciled in Australia and studying at any Australian university.

• Entries are limited to undergraduate students.

• Entrants will be required to provide evidence of their eligibility under these rules as a part of their application for entry. Example of evidence is a university ID card.

• An individual may only participate in a single team. She/he cannot work across multiple teams.

• Entry must be as an individual.

Wondering how you can
connect with us? 
Join us in person or online!

This year The University of Sydney, RMIT & University of Queensland are coming together to provide participants with 3 various real-time Hackathon locations. Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. You may also participate online from wherever you feel most creative! 

Despite all of this, the Hackathon is digital-first, with every single aspect streamed online. 

However, join us at one of the face-to-face or digital Hackathon locations and go into the drawer to win our lucky hacker prize. Every participant gets the chance to go into the lucky hacker prize, just by showing up at one of our live locations, or online.

Our 2022 Challenges

The Tonga Eruption And Tsunami – Emergency in the Pacific

The Kingdom of Tonga, population just 105,000, consists of 176 islands (of which 36 are inhabited) divided into three main island groups. The main natural hazards the country faces are earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, and drought. Climate change and the COVID19 pandemic are also pressing concerns for the kingdom.

On the 14 Jan 2022 this area of the world was impacted when the volcano on Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai began erupting. This eruption, at its climax, caused a 58km high volcanic plume and shock wave. A tsunami was experienced that reached a height of 1.5m and hit many islands in Tonga.

Challenge A
Challenge B
Challenge C
Challenge D
Challenge E

a Mentor

Wish you could participate, but your undergrad days are behind you? 

Join our team as a Hackathon Mentor and be at the forefront of change in humanitarian innovation. You will:

  • Meet new and likeminded people in the industry.
  • See what’s innovating a whole new generation.
  • Do something meaningful with your weekend.
  • Have something cool to put on your LinkedIn profile for once.

Sound like you?

your Future

Humans 4 Good Fair

Each location is going to be hosting the inaugural “Humans 4 Good Fair”.

We will be showcasing some great companies that have putting humans first at the heart of their product.  Be inspired by their work and maybe discover a pathway for your future.

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Save the date The #HumanitarianInnovationHackathon is happening across the country this 22nd through 24th July. for more information

#HumanitarianInnovationAwards #hack2022 #usyd #RedRAustralia


The #HumanitarianInnovationHackathon is a weekend-long event designed for ALL Australian university students to work collaboratively, in cross-discipline teams, to create technology-driven solutions for the most pressing #humanitarian challenges.

Participants are asked to identify practical solutions for real and current problems, from a current international humanitarian response context. The HIA Hackathon runs from 22-24 July 2022. for more information

#HumanitarianInnovationAwards #hack2022 #usyd #RedRAustralia

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