Innovation Hackathon

The Humans 4 Good Fair


Fri 22 July 2022 to Sun 24 July 2022


University of Sydney RMIT, Melbourne UQ, Brisbane


Send your EOI to Melanie De Gioia at

The world has just passed the 100 million refugee mark. Every day our news feeds are inundated with stories of wars and natural disasters. Today, more than ever, the world needs people focusing on humanitarian work and identifying how they can use their unique skills to help.

Each year The Warren Centre brings together hundreds of undergraduate students from around Australia for a single weekend to create innovative solutions to some of the world’s pressing problems. These are passionate students who want to use their education and study to make a positive impact on people around the world.

The Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon is a unique event on the Australian calendar. It brings together people from industry and academia, students and well-established individuals, for a weekend dedicated to innovation for the good of others.

We are looking for companies that are doing good in the world. People who are working in the Humans 4 Good space, that can demonstrate to all our participants some real-world examples of how their company is making a difference.

By participating in the Humans 4 Good Fair, you will be able to directly connect with all our participants and mentors, located around Australia. Your company will be demonstrating possible pathways our participants can connect with and allow them to realise where their next steps might lead them.

The Humans 4 Good Fair is calling on companies that are doing good in the world to show the future generation a possible pathway to follow.


Provide printed marketing collateral, banners and merchandise. Enough for one, or all, hackathon sites.

A representative of your company is invited to connect on our Hackathon Slack space over the weekend – this is the main conduit to all our participants and mentors.

You are further invited to have staff members sign-up as a Team Mentor for the weekend. This will really allow your company to make valuable connections.