Steps to follow







Evaluation criteria

Addresses a real and pressing problem;

Analyses the context of the problem and develops a practical solution for the target community or persons;

Uses appropriate engineering skills, knowhow and technologies;

Is novel, original and innovative;

Is environmentally sound and sustainable;

Is technologically sound, cost effective and workable in proposed environment;

Includes an evidence-based mechanism to assess the value/efficacy of their innovation;

Demonstrates familiarity with humanitarian quality measures

Must consider the vulnerable, including disability, diversity & gender protection

Must consider the number of people helped and the alleviation impact. 




To be considered for the prize, entrants must put forward a submission in which they…

• Identify by research, a real problem in a humanitarian context.

Preferably, the problem will have a connection to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Problems and solutions that focus on needs which do not conventional commercial nance driven markets.

Especially propose solutions aimed to alleviate or address needs of disadvantaged communities.


Humanitarian Innovation Pitch Submissions

Submissions are to be made ONLY through the competition submission form.

Only one submission for each team will be accepted. Teams are not to submit multiple entries.

Submissions must be concise and demonstrate capacity to market an idea effectively.

Address social groups that may be overlooked by traditional engineering and technology projects.