Professor Ron Johnston
Humanitarian Innovation Awards


The Professor Ron Johnston Humanitarian Innovation Awards encourages and rewards students to engineer cutting-edge solutions that have a positive impact for people around the world.

With growing humanitarian needs and limited funding, innovative solutions are vital to assist the most vulnerable groups in new and efficient ways.

Our annual Humanitarian Innovation Awards is a means of doing just that, by encouraging and rewarding university students to create cutting-edge solutions that could save lives and make a positive impact on people around the world!



About Ron Johnston


Professor Ron Johnston, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Innovation (ACIIC) has worked for more than thirty years in pioneering better understanding of the ways that science and technology contribute to economic and social development, the characteristics of the global knowledge economy and the processes and culture of innovation. His special skill is based on the breadth of his knowledge across technologies and his ability to integrate them into a socioeconomic and environmental context.

These annual awards are named in honor of Professor Ron Johnston, to recognise his outstanding contributions as Director of ACIIC for some 20+ years.