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2023 Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon
2023 Hackathon: Registrations are now open

2023 Program

Open to all university students in Australia and The Pacific Islands/New Zealand.

Our Hackathon is a weekend long hybrid program with industry leading speakers, team bonding, facilitated mentoring, and exciting diversions that mix up the digital and face to face competition. Our Hackathon will fire up your creativity.

Participants are asked to identify practical solutions for real and current problems from an existing international humanitarian response context.

Since our establishment in 2019, The Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon has seen hundreds of students address significant topics including climate change-induced population displacement, educating for the future, aiding island communities and the provision of clean water.

Key Dates

Commences Friday afternoon
21 July 2023.

It will run over Saturday and Sunday,
22 – 23 July 2023.

$5,000 – 1st Prize RedR Ron Johnston Rapid Response

$3,000 – Hackathon 2nd Place

$1,000 – Hackathon 3rd Place 

Entry and Eligibility

• National and international university students domiciled in Australia or New Zealand/The Pacific Islands and studying at a university.

• Entries are limited to undergraduate students.

• Entrants will be required to provide evidence of their eligibility under these rules as a part of their application for entry. Example of evidence is a university ID card.

• An individual may only participate in a single team. She/he cannot work across multiple teams.

• Registration must be as an individual but you may assign yourself to a team after registration. 

Join Us

2023 Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon registrations are now open

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Join Us Online or In Person 

This year you can join us in real time at our Hackathon hub at The University of Sydney or join us online from wherever you feel most creative! The Hackathon is digital-first, with every single aspect streamed online. 

Wondering how you can connect with us?

We set up a Hack Live studio in Sydney where the Hackathon is broadcasted LIVE across the country 

Become a Mentor

Wish you could participate, but your undergrad days are behind you?

Join our team as a Hackathon Mentor and be at the forefront of change in humanitarian innovation.

You will:

Meet new and likeminded people in the industry.

See what’s innovating a whole new generation.

Do something meaningful with your weekend.

Have something cool to put on your LinkedIn profile for once. 

Sound like

Become a 2023 Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon Mentor 

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Calling all Australian and Pacific Island Undergraduate University Students. Do you want to help change the world? Find out how you can participate in the 2023
#HumanitarianInnovationAwards, including the #Humanitarian #Innovation #Hackathon this July!

#HumanitarianInnovationHackathon #hack2023 #usyd #RedRAustralia – For more information – 

SAVE THE DATE The #HumanitarianInnovationHackathon is happening across the country this July. for more information #HumanitarianInnovationHackathon #hack2023 #usyd #RedRAustralia 

The #HumanitarianInnovationHackathon is a weekend-long event designed for all Australian and Pacific Island university students to work collaboratively, in cross-discipline teams, to create technology-driven solutions for the most pressing #humanitarian challenges.

Participants are asked to identify practical solutions for real and current problems, from a current international humanitarian response context. The HIA Hackathon runs from 21-23 July 2023. for more information 

#HumanitarianInnovationHackathon #hack2023 #usyd #RedRAustralia 

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We’re seeking sponsors

To find out more about our Sponsorship opportunities, download our 2023 Hackathon Sponsorship Kit.

We recognise and pay respect to the Elders and communities – past, present, and emerging – of the lands that the University of Sydney’s campuses stand on. For thousands of years they have shared and exchanged knowledges across innumerable generations for the benefit of all.